Do you want to provide your family healthy, naturally raised protein options? We provide lamb, rabbit and chicken for butcher. Also provide farm fresh, naturally raised eggs from cage free birds!


Tired of having to buy your family's protein options at the local store? Don't want to feed your family the hormones and antibiotics? You've got a good option of buying your protein sources from a source that naturally raises them - no hormones and no antibiotics! We take pride in how we raise our livestock.

Know that you are selecting and providing the best protein options for your family. We use pesticide free agents to repel pests whenever possible, so you and your family can eat without concern.

Latest developments at Silent Oak Ranch

Meat Lambs available for purchase

We are planning for fall lambs out of Whitey and our new ram, Curly.

What We Offer:

  • Haired sheep
  • Chickens - Rare & Heritage
  • Flemish Giant Rabbits
  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Old Style Farm Collies

Rabbit meat production

We are hoping to have rabbit ready for butcher soon. Check in with us. Rabbit meat is delicious and very healthy for you.

Protein Options

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